Be it hiking, roller skating or cycle touring, thanks to the various possibilities everyone will find pleasant activities to pass the time.
Visit the bird sanctuary in the “Feldmark”.

It takes only 30 minutes by car to reach Hamburg where you can benefit from the large amount of tourist offers, such as :

  • Port tours
  • Sightseeing of the Old Town
  • Alster boat trips
  • Zoo “Hagenbeck”
  • Miniatur Wunderland (small wonderworld)
  • Hamburg Dungeon
  • Fishing and barbecues at the beach of river Elbe
The cities Lüneburg and Winsen (Luhe) are only 15 minutes away by car. Both have indoor adventure pools (Lüneburg : SaLü, Winsen : Die Insel) as well as a giant water slide, outside pools and an infant area. Also the beautiful Old Town of Lüneburg should be visited.

Once a year :

  • Easter Eve Bonfire : at 19:30 on the campsite
  • In July : the Stove horse race (“Stover Rennen”)
  • In August : fireworks on the Elbe (“Die Elbe brennt”)
  • In August : the beach handball-cup
  • In August : the popular “marksmen’s festival” (“Schützenfest”)

This years medieval spectacle “Elb-Spectaculum” is scheduled for the 21. and 22. September. www.marktvagabunden.de

Enjoy your holiday on our campsite !



Dauercamper Idylle
Die Flut kommt
Campen direkt am Elbufer
Der Badesteg
Die Elbe im schwindenden Sonnenlicht
Der Teich auf dem Dauercamperplatz
Erholung auf dem Campingplatz
Camping Land an der Elbe Einfahrt