Der Badesteg im Morgengrauen


When will the campground be opened in 2018 ?

The season for 2018 is from 25.03.2018 till 30.09.2018

Are there any shopping facilities nearby?

During peak season you can get fresh bread-rolls and other essentials at the kiosk, all-season you find a big Edeka supermarket at a 500m distance.

How to go to Hamburg by public transport?

  1. Via Bergedorf : Take the bus from “Stove, Im Siek” in direction Marschacht. Get off at “Rönne, Brücke” and take the bus in direction Bergedorf. In Bergedorf, take the railway S21 in direction “Hamburg Hauptbahnhof” (main station).
    Alternatively: Park and Ride in Hamburg Nettelnburg (therefore take the A25 in direction Hamburg, exit Hamburg Nettelnburg, 15 minutes; then take the railway S21 in direction “Hamburg Hauptbahnhof” (main station).

  2. Via Winsen (Luhe) : Take the bus from “Stove, Im Siek” in direction Winsen (Luhe), get off at Bahnhof (train station). Take the train “metronom” in direction Hamburg Hauptbahnhof (main station).

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To get discounts for public transport and tourist activities in Hamburg, buy a Hamburg Card directly in the bus or at the ticket machine.

Is a reservation for the campsite necessary?

On extended weekends like Easter or Ascension Day as well as during holidays a reservation can be sensible. If you travel in a big group you should make a reservation some days in advance. Apart from that, you’ll find enough free space to stay.

Where is the closest bike-store?

In Winsen (Luhe), at a 15 min. distance (by car) : Fahrrad Timm
In Geesthacht, at a 10 min. distance (by car) :

Where can I go out for lunch or dinner?

There are some restaurants in the adjacencies (Hotel zur Rennbahn for example). Apart from that we recommend the Marschachter Hof, the Restaurant Tafeltraum, and the Fährhaus Tespe.


You can go fishing right in front of our doorstep, at the Elbe riverside. Therefore you need a fishing allowance which you can get at our kiosk.

Showering - How much does it cost and do I need shower coins?

For showering you need a shower coin which you can get for 1 € per coin at our kiosk. One coin provides 5 minutes of warm water (It is possible to stop the time by turning off the warm water).

Laundry washing and drying

Coins for the washing machine : 3 € per wash cycle
Coins for the dryer : 3 € per hour

Midday and night time peace

1 pm – 3 pm, 10 pm – 7 am

Is the campsite handicapped accessible?

Yes, the handicapped accessible sanitary facilities were built in 2008.